Wild Sales Company, Inc.

Representing the Following:

Cable Grips, Strain Relief
F/A $250, FOB Plainfield, CT

Photo Luminescent Exit Signs, Markers
No min. FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA

Electrical Products
F/A $100, FOB Queensbury, NY

Electrical Tools, Lighting, PVC Cement
$100 F/A, FOB Queensbury, NY

LED Lighting Products
F/A $500, FOB Salt Lake City, UT

Ventilation Fan Products
$200 min. $1250 F/A, FOB Lenexa, KS

Electrical Tools and Parts
F/A $250, FOB Milwaukee, WI

Test and Measurement Instruments
F/A $250, FOB Milwaukee, WI

Lighting Control Panels
$750 min. $5000 F/A, FOB Minneapolis, MN

E-Lighting & Fire Alarm Batteries
No min. FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA

Waterproof Connectors
$125 min. $200 F/A, FOB St. Louis, MO

Floor Boxes
F/A $1,000, FOB Carol Stream, IL

Drywall & Plaster Dust Catching Bowls
Min. 15 Units, F/A $1000

Advanced Smart Electrical Meters
No Min. FOB Long Island, NY

Specialty Electric Tools
$100 Min. $500 F/A, FOB Port Angeles, BC

Transfer Switches, Panels
No Min. $1000 F/A, FOB Racine, WI

Safety Tools and PPE Products
FOB Burlington, NJ

Tritium Exit Signs
No Min. FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA

Contactors, Starters, Thermal Overload Selector
F/A $750, FOB Los Angeles, CA

Replacement Plastic Lighting Lenses
No FA, FOB Santa Fe Springs, CA